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We visited Megan Mckenzie‘s first art gallery at the heart of Toronto, on Dufferin street in the North Liberty building. This show was called “MADE, an illustration show”. The art show was a great success as it generated buzz in the local art scene. Many guests visisted the art show, including the owner of Magic […]

The June 2009 episode of qore reveals some fantistic pictures of the new PSP, codenamed PSP GO. It has a slide out gamepad, 16GB of internal storage, bluetooth and external memory card slot. Other specifications from the qore video (provided by Engadget): 3.8-inch display (resolution is undisclosed) 43 percent lighter than the PSP-3000 16GB of […]

Infamous, the exclusive PS3 game, is a hybrid of GTA4 and Mirror’s Edge.  The latest game by Sucker Punch (producer of Sly Cooper’s Series) sure packs a lot of punch to the PS3 line up. Read on for my impression of this game. InFamous is a sandbox-style video game for the PlayStation 3 video game […]

So it’s pretty much not really big news anymore that The Sims 3 was leaked out of EA’s ass 2 weeks before the retail even sees the light of day. So how do they claim damage control? EA said the pirated version “is a buggy, pre-final” version of the game. “It’s not the full game. […]

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on Xbox 360 is the re-release of the original Sacred 2 game from PC ported onto consoles. I picked it up shortly after it was released after listening to some claims that it was the best ARPG since Diablo 2. Lets get this straight. It is not Diablo 2.  There are […]

Don’t want to hit the wall on your first Marathon? Read on. Running marathon is not an easy task. There are many preparations that you need to do before running a marathon to beat the long-distance of 42.195KM (official number). Training: Take training courses to get yourself ready for the marathon. Attend workshops and seminars […]

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