Top 5 iPhone Ready Websites


There are many websites out there that offers an alternative version of their websites that was specially designed for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Here is a list of my personal favorites.

facebook on iphone

Facebook on iPhone

1., best sports website on the iPhone

The iPhone version of this website is designed to minimize the content of the front page to fit on your iPhone screen. The buttons and menus are very similar to the iPhone. This is the perfect website to view sport scores and news on the iPhone.

2. Google News, best news website on the iPhone

With Google News on the iPhone,  you can easily scroll through all of the front page headlines. After that, you can go into specific sections and browse through the day’s news. If you are looking for older news, simply search through the Google News’ repository.

3. Kotaku, best video game blog on the iPhone

Scroll through a list of the day’s freshest video game news in one sitting.

4. Facebook, best social networking website on the iPhone

After signing into your facebook account, you will have access to your facebook home page, profile, friends and inbox. You can post on other people’s walls and also view their  galleries. You can even chat with your online friends.

5. flickr, best gallery site on the iPhone

flickr allows you to browse to the most interesting pictures of the day, sign into your account and search for specific pictures. It is very easy to browse through photos and photo sets. The comments are still intact on each picture. The search results display the pictures and their descriptions. You can upload your pictures to flickr with your iPhone by emailing your pictures to a specific flickr email account.


Google News on the iPhone


ESPN on the iPhone

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3 Responses to “Top 5 iPhone Ready Websites”

  1. 1 jenpez

    Don’t forget to add XTube.


  2. 2 saikit

    XTube is Not Safe for Work

  3. Great article my site currently checks for 13 different mobile types. The list I have is Android, Sony Ericsson Aspen, Blackberry 9500 and 9530, Cupcake, HTC Dream, Sanyo Incognito, iPhone, iPod, Opera Mini Browser, Webmate on iPhone and iPod Touch and also Palm Webos. I have found from experience that as a webmaster it is a must to try and cover as many internet enabled devices as possible.

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