The Sims 3 Leaked


sims 3

So it’s pretty much not really big news anymore that The Sims 3 was leaked out of EA’s ass 2 weeks before the retail even sees the light of day. So how do they claim damage control?

EA said the pirated version “is a buggy, pre-final” version of the game.

“It’s not the full game. Half of the world — an entire second city — is missing,” said spokeswoman Holly Rockwood in a statement.

So I checked out the Sims 3 website, and they said they’ll be adding another city…Thats it? Is that enough to counter and stop the spreading from pirates  accessing the torrents?

Lots o Pirates Ahooooy!

Lots o Pirates Ahooooy!

Apparently not..

I’d thought I’d join the mass also, and ended up downloading the 5ish Gig file to install Sims 3 on my computer to take a peek.

Upon start up, there really isn’t anything “buggy” that I’ve noticed. Infact its pretty clean and clear and under control! From character creation all the way to actually purchasing and entering your Sims home, I’ve yet to encounter a single bug. Infact the game looks pretty damn good.

Lets start off with Sim Creation, probably the most entertaining part of the game, cause once your done, you can quit and claim you played 50% of the game already.



As usual the level of customization of your very own Sim is quite staggering, I think I spent a good 2 hours just making one Sim. From the slant of the eyes, to the depth of your chin, all the way to colouring various parts of the hair on your head. You can make any type of Sim you ever wanted, and with Sims 3, the level of detail is awesome.

In fact, you can make Sims that resemble celebrity actors, musicians, or even yourself. Here is me, as a crackwhore male prostitute whom resides in the lovely town called Sunset Valley (the first and only town available) with a life goal to become an astronaut.

Anyone can be an astronaut in Sims 3!

Anyone can be an astronaut in Sims 3!

Isn’t he pretty?

Then comes the actual game play. Is it as buggy and messed up as EA claims? You know, being the “pre-final” and all. Wait what the fuck does pre-final even mean? Why even call it the final when it’s supposedly missing an entire city and buggy like hell?

Well whatever it is, the game plays as smooth as a baby’s butt cheek. Been on it for 6 hours and haven’t encounter an serious or major bugs. I won’t go into gameplay details, as there are tons of reviews on the game.

Final thoughts: Whatever EA claims, the leaked version is as good as the real besides being without an extra town. Did I mention you can create your own damn city? Who needs Maxis’ premade city when you can fully customize everything from house, park, restaurant, all the way to the very Sims that hangout in it. Well whatever happens, just know less than one week after the Sims 3 official release, the pirates will figure out a way to bootleg the official version also!

Here are some in game pics. Enjoy!


Sunset Valley just after sunset

Sunset Valley just after sunset


Teh Pawzz

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6 Responses to “The Sims 3 Leaked”

  1. 1 Poo

    lol stupid EA

  2. 2 EMILY


  3. 3 EMILY

    does it works in window vista?

  4. 5 Rockafellah


  5. 6 Kenton

    downloaded it (took 2 weeks) (when it first came out) (pirate version) yea sick as hell i love it

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