Mini Review: inFamous


Infamous, the exclusive PS3 game, is a hybrid of GTA4 and Mirror’s Edge.  The latest game by Sucker Punch (producer of Sly Cooper’s Series) sure packs a lot of punch to the PS3 line up. Read on for my impression of this game.


InFamous is a sandbox-style video game for the PlayStation 3 video game console. It was developed by Sucker Punch Productions and was published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game was released on May 26, 2009 in North America

Totally Awesomeness

Superpower: The ability to shoot many different lightning bolt out of Cole’s hand. Most of the time, you feel like the god of this city. You can also fly around the city with complete freedom.

Big level: Hop onto building like Spiderman. Jump from structures to structures like Faith in Mirror’s Edge.

Control: the control layer is designed to perfectly match Cole’s movement. You aim with L1 and shoot with R2 (the typical FPS control). Switching weapons are easily located on the D-pad.

Decisions: Make a good choice, you will be rewarded with Kindness. Make a bad choice, you’re the asshole of town. Sometimes, being a jerk is so much fun.


The Part that kinda Sucks

Physics: The physics of Cole’s acrobat needs to be enhanced. When you miss a jump from a platform to another, it is very frustrating. The camera angle usually causes this epic fail.

…So What else?

Would I Recommend this game: Yes

This game feels like: GTA (Sand-box), Mirror’s Edge/Spiderman (jump from buildings to buildings), Fable (the good vs. evil decision making experience).

How many hours have I put into this game: 8 -1 0 hours

What else do you want to say about this game: It’s mental orgasm.

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