The Biggest RPG Titles Announced in E3 2009


Its the talk of the gaming world no doubt, but E3 is here and ready to make us drool over the games to come. While there is way to much to cover for E3, I’m gonna focus on my favorite gaming genre RPGs!


It’s only one day in, but already there has already been some eye-opening annoucements for the RPG lovers out there. There are a lot of RPGs annouced, but I’ll focus on the ones that interest me.

Lets start off with the most influential of them all and my personal favorite, Square-Enix.

Final Fantasy XIV

Wtf? Seriously?! At least finish FFXIII before going on with the next, my god we waited waaaaay too long. Oh well, there are some sexy cinematics FF14.



Continuing with the Sqeenix games, heres …

Kingdom Hearts for the DS

Little but the gameplay has been released, nothing new to the battle mechanics, as theres still the one-button mashing and auto targetting. Really its just a DS port with extended side stories added.



That’s enough of Squeenix stuff for now. I would update on FF13, but they didn’t release much more than what they already have.

Mass Effect 2

ME has been one of the greatest xbox rpg-shooter (it’s really more rpg than shooter) ever made! Bioware never ceases to impress, and how they really did with their annoucements and information on their upcomming sequel. It boasts improved dialog options and combat system, and a new playable race! how that will turn up is still up in the air.


Dragon Age: Origins

I have been expect this game for a year now! Now more stuff has been released with a playable demo at E3. It appears to play like your average action RPG except with a VERY VERY deep and immersive character development system. Think Diablo meets the Sims. You can score relationship points and such, while riding and killing dragons. What more can a fantasy lover want?



Finally to end this update off, I present…

Mario and Luigi RPG 3!

The most beloved brothers are back, and once again recking havoc somewhere in the most trippiest places ever. In fact its so trippy that I decided to just post a vid instead of explaining.

See here!;title;6


Teh Pawzz

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2 Responses to “The Biggest RPG Titles Announced in E3 2009”

  1. 1 saikit

    No FF13 FTL

  2. 2 paawz

    FF13 has been announced like 1 year ago, game trailers and demos have been up way before E3 even started. No point in listing it again.

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