How to gather Software Inventory of your Computer using Microsoft’s Sysinternal PSinfo


Software Inventory

There is a DOS tool built into your Windows operating system that allows you to gather software Inventory information of your computer instead of going to Add/Remove Programs. With PSinfo, the inventory details are copied into a text file so that you can use it in reports. Whereas, in Add or remove programs, you cannot export the list of software in a text file.

About PSinfo:

PsInfo is a command-line tool that gathers key information about the local or remote Windows NT/2000 system, including the type of installation, kernel build, registered organization and owner, number of processors and their type, amount of physical memory, the install date of the system, and if its a trial version, the expiration date.

  1. Download PSinfo from the Microsoft’s Sysinternal website:
  2. Extract the content of the zip file to C:\PSinfo
  3. Go to Start Menu > run > type in CMD
  4. In command prompt, type in CD\ to get to the root folder of your C: drive
  5. Then type in cd psinfo to go into the C:\PSinfo folder
  6. Execute PSinfo by running psinfo.exe –s
  7. Wait for PSinfo to gather your software inventory
  8. Right click on the cmd prompt icon on the top left corner of the Command Prompt Window and select Edit > Select All
  9. Right click on the cmd prompt icon again and select Edit > Copy
  10. Paste the content into notepad and save it

Other switches to use in PSinfo

-h Show list of installed hotfixes.

-s Show list of installed applications.

-d Show disk volume information.

-c Print in CSV format.


One Response to “How to gather Software Inventory of your Computer using Microsoft’s Sysinternal PSinfo”

  1. Always useful to know. Sysinternal has provided so many great tools and psinfo is another.

    Never used it before but stumbled across this post and gave it a try and it works a dream.


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