Received 403 Forbidden Error after changing the Permalinks on WordPress


Yesterday, while I was editing my other page, I decided to change the perma link settings from the default option to something else. After making this change, all my pages received the “403 Forbidden Error”.

I contacted my website’s tech support team and they said that it has to do with permissions.

Permission is Key

I proceed to modify my whole website’s permission structure using Filezilla. I changed the permissions for all my directories to 755 and changed the permissions for all my files to 644.

Permission 644

Permission 644 for all files

Permission 755 for folders

Permission 755 for folders

The issue is now resolved.

According to ivalladt from WordPress, you can also fix this issue by doing this:

Checking logs my server was complaining that the RewriteRule could not be enabled, so I asked my provider to check AllowOverride was All for my virtual server. It’s fixed now!


7 Responses to “Received 403 Forbidden Error after changing the Permalinks on WordPress”

  1. Thanks. I’ve been searching like a maniac for a solution that works. This did the trick!

    Thanks again.


  2. 2 themac

    i have tried every single permission and still my webiste is giving me that error. Could you help?

  3. Many thanks for this post. It has just saved me from panic ftp’ing and another late night! Cheers.

  4. I just had the same issue – thanks for posting this – put me on the right track. Everything workd for me now. What I had to do was go in to my file manager through my hosting company (apparently I do not have the ability to change CHMOD via ftp). I changed the permissions of the folder that contains my blog from 2775 to 644 and made ir recursive and did not other changes. Everything works great, even my custom URL’s!!! SO glad you posted this – fixed in under 30 minutes and save me a ton of headache!

  5. 5 Ali

    Yea man !! thanks a million 😀

  6. 6 Todd

    You rock!!!

  7. Holy crap this worked. Thank you Thank you.

    FYI – for non coders like me. In filezilla you have to right click the folder to change permissions. You won’t find that ability from filezilla menu options.

    From there use above instructions.

    I love the internet!



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