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Yesterday, while I was editing my other page, I decided to change the perma link settings from the default option to something else. After making this change, all my pages received the “403 Forbidden Error”. I contacted my website’s tech support team and they said that it has to do with permissions. Permission is […]

There is a DOS tool built into your Windows operating system that allows you to gather software Inventory information of your computer instead of going to Add/Remove Programs. With PSinfo, the inventory details are copied into a text file so that you can use it in reports. Whereas, in Add or remove programs, you cannot […]

The best place to start troubleshooting any computer related issue is the Event Viewer Log. If you are not an expert of computer and need the assistance of a professional, the least you can do is export the event viewer log for the technician. Here are the steps on how to export your computer’s event […]

For users that are getting the following error: The ordinal 5297 could not be located in the dynamic link library xlive.dll The solution to resolving this issue is to download and install the Games for Windows Live patch located in:

How to play Call of Duty: World at War Co-op LAN with Hamachi

Play Left 4 Dead with Hamachi server with your friends! No steam account required.